America’s First Cannabis Commercial

America’s First Cannabis Commercial

Well, it’s finally here: a minute-and-a-half commercial for a cannabis-infused soda officially exists. What’s the commercial look like? Naturally, there are dozens of Portlanders, complete with hipster facial hair and hipster glasses. You might also notice the tattoos, floral button-ups, gauges, some hats worn backwards, guitar close-ups and of course mason jars.

For all these reasons, this makes the top of the daily marijuana news list. Based on the description you may think it’s an episode of Portlandia. But we swear, it is a marijuana commercial.

Here is everything you need to know about the commercial:

  • It advertises the cannabis-infused soda called “Legal.”
  • You will only catch the commercial if you are living in Washington or Oregon and are over 21
  • The video has already gotten coverage in Germany and France
  • They abide by alcohol advertising guidelines (since marketing guidelines have not yet been established for the marijuana industry)
  • The setting is a  BBQ – and it was not staged! This actually happened.




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