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Could Medical Marijuana Have Saved Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley is the undisputed King of Rock and Roll and one of the most significant icons in the history of American music. But unfortunately the tale of the fate of the King is a rather sad one. He suffered from drug abuse, health issues, failed relationships and his final days were miserable, lonely and […]

Which States Will Be Voting On Medical Or Recreational Marijuana Legalization

National Cannabis News The definitive guide on which states will be voting on medical or recreational marijuana legalization in November. Pot shop design trends: The industry is spending millions. Featured guests: NoCo Hemp Expo founder Morris Beegle and Cannabist national policy and business reporter Alicia Wallace. CLICK HERE

Not Blowing Smoke: Research Finds Medical Marijuana Lowers Prescription Drug Use

Medical marijuana is having a positive impact on the bottom line of Medicare’s prescription drug benefit program in states that have legalized its use for medicinal purposes, according to new research. The savings, due to lower prescription drug use, were estimated to be $165.2 million in 2013, a year when 17 states and the District […]


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