The Presidents That Admitted to Using Marijuana

This entry was posted by Rip Saunders on September 25, 2016 at 2:53 pm

13 of our very own United States Presidents have subtly, or not-so-subtly admitted to smoking or ingesting cannabis. So the countdown begins:

13. George Washington

Mr. Washington routinely smoked marijuana to reduce the pain caused by his ailing teeth. He even wrote in his journal about how to enhance and better cultivate his marijuana crops.

12. Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson grew cannabis on his plantation and smuggled Chinese hemp seeds to America. It is also believed that he may have given our smoking blends as personal gifts.

11. James Madison

Mr. Madison once (not-so-subtly) said that hemp gave him insight to create a new and democratic nation.

10. James Monroe

Monroe was a lifelong cannabis user he began smoking when he was the Ambassador to France and continued his smoking until the age of 73.

9. Andrew Jackson

Jackson has been documented to have smoked cannabis and tobacco cigars along with the troops he led.

8. Zachary Taylor

Similarly to President Jackson, Taylor is said to have smoked with his fellow troops in at least one of the many wars he was in.

7. Franklin Pierce

Pierce was yet another American President that smoked marijuana while in war. In a letter he wrote to his family during the Mexican-American war, he said that cannabis was about the only good thing in the war.

6. Abraham Lincoln

You may have seen the photos and quotes all over the internet about Mr. Abe Lincoln toking up. Most of them are jokes, but most resources do agree that it is highly likely that he did, in fact, smoke marijuana.

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5. John F. Kennedy

Many of Kennedys friends and acquaintances say that he regularly used cannabis, and some say he even planned on legalizing cannabis in his second term. He used marijuana to control his back pain.

4. Jimmy Carter

As you may know, Mr. Carter did make many efforts to legalize marijuana, but he is also known to have hosted many marijuana smoke-filled events at the White House which naturally leads most to believe that he must have tried it at least once in his life.

3. George W. Bush

Although Bush publicly refused to answer the marijuana question, he was later caught saying that he refused to talk about it, because I dont want some little kid doing what I tried.

2. Bill Clinton

The famous words of Mr. Clinton are that he smoked, but didnt inhale. Since we all know that he has bent the truth in the past, we can safely assume that he still makes this list.

1. Barack Obama

Obama is probably the only president that has been very open about his past marijuana smoking. He even joked, I inhaled frequently. That was the point.

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